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SUN WEST MOBILE MODULAR INC. – We Transport and Install Prefabricated Modular Structures.  Modular Office Transport and Installation Specialists

Emerging technology and the recessionary period have resulted in many changes to the non-residential mobile modular industry. A key trend is to make the construction business leaner and more efficient through the greater use of prefabricated, modular construction techniques. The market for modular and prefabricated non-residential buildings is expected to grow faster than the standard market in general.

Today’s owners want projects completed faster, safer, for lower cost and with improved, consistent quality . Also, the markets of today and tomorrow have increasing demands for “green” construction, which is further promoting the need for the mobile modular approach. This is the case since such methodologies promote environmentally sound techniques.

Sun West Mobile Modular (SWMM) is uniquely positioned to service the rapidly growing mobile modular and prefabricated structure marketplace and more specifically its large client base. SWMM specializes in non-residential modular, prefabricated structure transportation, installation and take-down, for both permanent and temporary installations. Headquartered in central Arizona, it is intimately involved with virtually all aspects of modular and prefabricated building services.

SWMM’s services include transportation, crane-rigging, installation, special placements, outfitting, re-modeling, renovation, structure relocation and their eventual demolition and/or takedown of the modular and prefabricated units. The services are provided throughout the Southwestern, United States.

Our service teams are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment so all of our clients can be confident that their projects will be executed on time and to their specifications. SWMM’s focus is always quality, safety, customer satisfaction and, of course, cost effectiveness.

SWMM usually provides its services as a partnership with both modular and prefabricated structure manufacturers and leasing companies. However, end-users include commercial organizations, institutions and all levels of government, local, state and federal – in addition, a significant amount of work is performed for Native-American governments.



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