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Sample Projects

Mobile modular and prefabricated buildings are used in a wide variety of applications.  The basic market segments are as follows:

  • Education – Relocatable buildings have become a critical factor in managing student demographics and increasing enrollments “in an era of shrinking budgets”
  • General Office – As production demands increase, relocatable buildings can temporarily enlarge an existing facility
  • Retail/Hospitality – Modular or prefabricated construction facilitates the accelerated completion of a specialized structure, thereby allowing revenue to be generated more rapidly
  • Healthcare – Modular space offers quiet, safe and clean environment for medical, surgical, clinical and dental applications
  • Construction Site – Mobile modular and prefabricated buildings have their roots in construction site trailers where speed, temporary space and durability are important
  • Equipment and Storage – Non-combustible modular construction offers durability and strength for equipment and storage
  • Security – Modular buildings satisfy a wide diversity of access and control situations, including toll booths, ticket sales offices, guard shacks and even detention quarters.
  • Sun West Mobile Modular has provided its services innumerable times to each of the above market segments.


Specific customer and/or end-user market sectors served by Sun West Mobile Modular include, but are not limited to: